Agricultural Products & Feed Ingredients

Mitchel Enterprises Corp is a dynamic presence in the feed ingredient and grain market. Our experience and expertise enables us to trade and transport a wide variety of agricultural products and feed ingredients. We can help buyers or sellers with large and small quantities. Our ability to purchase in bulk, and resell to you in smaller quantities, helps keep your costs low. Our ability to aggregate and sell in bulk offers you a better return for your ingredients.

Most Commonly Traded Feed Ingredients & Agricultural Products

Alfalfa, Dehydrated
Alfalfa, Reground
Bakery Meal
Beet Pulp
Beet Pulp Pellets
Beet Pulp Shreds
Buckwheat Grain
Calcium #16
Calcium #20
Corn - Shelled
Corn Cob Byproducts
Corn Cobs
Corn Cobs, Crushed
Corn Cobs, Mill 4
Corn Cobs, Pelleted
Corn Flour
Corn Germ
Corn Gluten Feed
Corn Screenings
Cottonseed Hulls, Pelletized
Cottonseed Whole, Fuzzy
Distillers Dried Grains
Feed Grade Calcium
Feed Grade Wheat Flour
Grain Dust
Oat Groats
Oat Hulls
Red Dog Flour
Rice Hulls
Salvage Products
SBOM - 48%
Soybean Hulls
Soybean Screenings
Wheat Bran
Wheat Flour
Wheat Germ
Wheat Middlings
Wheat Screenings
Wheat Second Clear Flour
Wheat, Feed Grade
Wheat, Red Dog Flour
Whole Wheat

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